domingo, 15 de mayo de 2011


El sábado 7 de Mayo inauguré mi primera exposición.  
Iniciando mi camino

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Deirdra Doan dijo...

My husband loves minutures..I made a Christmas miniature for him years ago..took a week class to make a doll look like him..crazy..but it is cute. There is a great miniature store on the Bridge in Bath would love it!

Do you have a facebook!! please..that is where I have been more lately then my blog! are on the other side. near the ocean! My husband is a guitarist and we hope to do concerts around spain again. He is playing fingerstyle and is in love with Fernando Sor...father of Classical guitar..he is a bit of expert on him.
Please put your email on his web so we can let you know when we come again. It would be fun to met you if I am near.

I was hoping to do a workshop with a friend for 10 days or so near Barcelona at a art retreat Canserrett next summer...
But not sure have to start getting people to come.

PS...what is your name???